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    Mercodia AB is a Scandinavianbiotech company that specializes in the development of ELISA assays within thearea of metabolic disorders. The company was founded 1991 in Uppsalaby Erling Holmlund, a chemist and entrepreneur from northern Sweden.Erling’s extensive knowledge in the field stems from almost 20 years ofexperience in immunoassay development within diabetes and cardiovasculardisease at Pharmacia Diagnostics.

    With the stringent quality system inherited from Pharmacia Diagnostics, theinitial business concept of Mercodia was to develop high quality ELISA assaysfor use in human diagnostics. The increased demand from pharmaceutical andacademic research for reliable assays that ensure reproducible results createdan interest from researchers around the world for Mercodias’s products.

    Today Mercodia is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and distributor ofhigh quality immunoassay kits. We specialize in ELISA assays for clinical aswell as research applications, notably within diabetes, obesity andcardiovascular disease. We offer assays applicable in both human and animalmodels.

    Mercodia supplies products to all major international markets from itsfacilities in Uppsala, Sweden. More than ninety percent ofour production is exported to approximately 100 countries worldwide. 
MercodiaInc, our USsubsidiary, is based in Winston Salem, North Carolina and is involved in directsales, distribution and support to our North American customers.

    Mercodia provides a professional support system by collaborating with worldwidecustomers and institutions to develop new applications for existing productsand new diagnostics for emerging markets. 

    Special Points for Mercodia'sstrength:

    - Mercodia is the only company that utilize 100% double monoclonalantibodies in each of its 
      products which led to exceptional lot to lot variation,reproducibility and high specificity. 

    - Mercodia is the only company that makes elisa kits with shelf life of 3years - the longest in the 
      industry, while most of our competitors can only achieve6month, 1 year or 1.5 year's 
      stability/shelf life

    - Mercodia is the only company that can ship its products in room temperature,all other companies 
      have to use ice or dry ice which is extremely expensive, this alsoreflects their product quality.
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