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    CaroteNature offers carotenoids of high standard, as analytical standards or in larger quantities for analytical purposes. We also offer services such as analysis of carotenoids in plant and other extracts, custom synthesis or isolation, and consultancy in the field of carotenoids. We are cooperating with a number of laboratories of high reputation in the various fields of carotenoid research to ensure the high quality of our products and services.

    What is special about CaroteNature?

    This company is operated by leading carotenoid chemists, each with more than 30 years experience in carotenoid isolation, synthesis and analysis, with advice from other leading scientists in the carotenoid field, and help from laboratories with a long tradition in carotenoid chemistry and biochemistry. Therefore, CaroteNature is uniquely able to produce and supply a wide range of carotenoids and services of high quality and with a high level of quality control.

    Product quality

    The carotenoids are prepared either by extraction from natural sources or by chemical synthesis. Samples are supplied in sealed ampoules, under nitrogen, to ensure stability. Although the ampoules are labelled as 1 mg or 5 mg, these values are approximate. We guarantee, however, that the actual content will be not less than the stated amount.Whenever possible, they are supplied in crystalline form. All compounds are fully characterized and, on request, analytical data (HPLC, UV/Vis spectra) are provided with the samples.

    Book series "Carotenoids"

    We are pleased to announce that CaroteNature has been appointed sole distributor of the reprinted Volumes 1A, 1B, 2 and 3 of the "Carotenoids" book series. In addition, also the "Handbook" and Volume 4 are available at CaroteNature. 点击查看产品资料 » 点击查看产品列表 »


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