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    Abraxis is devoted to the design, development and manufacturing of immunochemistry products and methods to meet the testing needs of research and industry. Our scientific staff has experience with medical, industrial and environmental diagnostics. We are able to customize programs to serve client's specific needs with competitive pricing and high quality standards.

    Our Services

    - Diversified test format development (magnetic particles, microtiter plates, coated tubes, strips, etc.)

    - GLP documentation of product development and validation processes

    - Quality manufacturing to your specifications time and time again

    - Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production

    - Data evaluation options from screening to fully quantitative configurations

    - Design and validation of pre-treatment methods for test sample matrices including foods, soils,
       solvents, solid surfaces, bodily fluids, etc.

    - Personalized product training courses, quality assurance programs and technical support for users

    - Antibody and antigen purification

    - Immunogold reagents for rapid test system applications

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